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Fusion Stain & Finishing Oil - White

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Stain & Finishing Oil (SFO) is a highly durable wood stain & top coat all-in-one for bare wood, or other pre-existing coatings. Commonly used over paint to increase sheen & durability.  Durable enough for flooring, this oil is excellent for table tops, or even as added top coat over Fusion Mineral Paint for those heavily used surfaces such as kitchen cabinets

Our Stain & Finishing Oil is composed of plant products, Safflower oil, Tung oil, Linseed oil, Vegetable wax, safe odorless mineral solvent and cures without toxic cobalt dryers while being virtually odorless.

Tip: Happy with your coat of SFO and love the color as is? Wanting to add extra protection without more color/pigment? Apply a coat of Natural, our "clear" coat over top. Each additional coat will increase the sheen slightly.

  • Please visit Fusion Mineral Paint if interested in more information on their products.